WordPress Theme Framework- What, Why, Pros, Cons and All You Must Know

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Initially, when WordPress was new, theme development was a daunting task for the Web Application Development Company. Web Developer had to face a lot of problems with theme development and maintenance. But WordPress theme framework changed that problem forever. Framework not only ensures security of the website, but also lessen the risk of losing all the custom design and function of the website.

In this blog, we will demystify WordPress theme framework and discuss on following:

• What is the WordPress theme framework?
• Why do people use WordPress theme framework?
• Pros of WordPress theme framework
• Cons of WordPress theme framework
• Examples of WordPress theme framework

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

A WordPress Framework is all about parent theme and child theme. Here parent theme holds the code and core functionality of the website and allows your website to work correctly. A child theme is not necessary; it is used to customize the framework. In short, framework will help you to focus on designing rather than programming a function.

Why do people use WordPress theme framework?

There are a number of reasons that Web Design And Development Company emphasizes their developers to use WordPress Framework, and some of the reasons are:

• Framework speeds up the development and reduces the development time drastically.
• It offers a great deal of functionality and customization option.

Pros of WordPress theme framework

• WordPress theme framework has strong community support. So it is very easy to get answers to the question on developers’ site.
• It reduces the development time and makes the things easier over the long run.
• The Framework comes with built-in functionality, including the widget, and additional functionality.
• Strict and high web standard coding is used, which means you get the best standard and awesomeness.
• Built- in option for professional SEO services.

Cons of WordPress Theme Framework

• Most frameworks are not free, so to get the latest update and support you need to pay the additional cost.
• Plenty of unnecessary codes and tons of inbuilt functionality, which makes it complicated.
• Due to plenty of unnecessary coding and inbuilt functionalities, you need to invest more time to learn it.

Till here we try to keep our points simple and concise. Now let’s proceed to the next section.

Examples of Few Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

Genesis Framework– This is an awesome framework and first choice of web developers, offers unlimited supports, unlimited updates for a one-time payment of 59.95 USD. Genesis Framework is SEO optimized and boost the visibility of the website on leading search engine with the assistance for Scheme.org code. Additionally, it is a genuinely responsive framework. So you can say that this framework is great value for money.

Thesis– This is a simple, straight forward and emerging framework. Thesis powers over 60,000 WordPress websites. Its basic plan starts from 87 USD and to get the professional plan you have to pay 197 USD. This framework has some great features like host unlimited domains, a lifetime update and email support, a classic responsive theme, Mailchimp and Aweber option boxes, social media sharing boxes, the developer toolbox and more.

Cherry– Cherry is a free, impressive and fully responsive framework. This framework has some great features like easy to install, steady updates, shortcode functionality makes it easy to extend the framework however you want, it includes Bootstrap support and tons of other elements.

Conclusion– We hope that this blog will help you to understand the WordPress theme framework. There are tons of WordPress theme frameworks, and you should choose as per your requirement. If you think we missed something, then please let us know in the comments. Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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