Why Social Media Is Very Important And How They Affect Your SEO

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Social media is very important for business in the current market. Because now, Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly active users and other social site, also very popular like Twitter, YoutTbe, Google+, Linkedin, etc. This time every business owners are focusing the social site because social media users instantly increase the current times.

The truth is that if the older generations are starting to use social media the impact it has already made for younger generations is completely irreversible. Because social media has become a part of everyone’s life.

That’s the reason why social media is very important for every business if they want to grow the own business because the social media is a game changer in the current market.

There are many reasons how social media affect your SEO

We know that social media is very popular and it is a very important part of digital marketing efforts. And he increases the traffic, organic search and paid search.

So, what the main impact do social media have on our SEO efforts.

Traffic Increased

Traffic is the most important for any website and if you want to discuss so traffic is also the best place to start. Because when Google released the Penguin, many social sites changed the their outbound linked to no-follow. Because no-follow links still increase the traffic. In fact, no-follow link may be more valuable than ever.

If increase the traffic from social signals is what Google likes to see, and those no-follow links from your social media profiles can be a real asset. Because the social signals said the Google  that your website is being talked about, and hopefully, and this is a live human managing social channel which communicate and engage the other peoples.

You have to make attractive and informative content for our blog and website and share the your social site if your content is attractive, so users will share then users will link to your content.

Social Link Building

Let’s go to the further to find the idea of social as a link building channel. Traditional link building took quite a few knocks over the last couple of years, like the Guest posting. But this is an old strategy, and now, authority link building should be a very important part of the main SEO strategy. Natural links will always matter for any successful website.

However, your social links have an inherent authority, especially  social media are very trusted platforms. Which can be to improve your traffic and online visibility.

If you want to take full advantage of those links, so you need to be prepared. But you have to make sure that your website landing page is totally optimized to catch, and track, any traffic coming in from social channels. Create your social profile and bios perfectly, and make sure they are optimized for optimal results with links back to your main website.

Improved Domain Authority

Basically, there are no any data which support social signals which improve website domain authority. However, if watch at Backlinko’s Ranking Factors, which section can dedicate to social signals and that it may increase a site’s overall authority.

I have tested the thought of social signals to pick up the domain authority and I see that it works very well. It does suggest that social signals can make some impact on a website’s domain authority.


The main thought in this article social media is a game changer in current time, and if you are a business owner and you want to grow your business, so focus on social media. Because you don’t have ignore the power of social media in the current market.

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