Three ideal CMS for PHP development

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CMS stands for content management system, It is a computer program, which allows user to publishing, editing and modifying content from a central interface. User don’t need to learn any technical language for this. Nowadays CMS is used to run website, news and shopping. CMS is   now used by many marketing websites.

CMS enables user to manage whole website. User needs to choose the best CMS as per their requirements. Nowadays dozens of great CMS out there. The problem is with the designer and developers, they don’t want to spend much time in learning a bunch of different CMS, in fact they need some flexible and powerful solution.

CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are unarguably best. WordPress is best for blogging website, where Magento is an ideal option for an e commerce website. Literally all CMS are free PHP based, which will give you a stunning responsive CMS solution. So here are descriptions  top three CMS, which will give you the best result.

WordPress- WordPress is powered by MySQL and PHP, is a popular open source content management system. It provides a user friendly platform for the user. It is the ideal one for blogging, approx 13% internet user manages their content by WordPress. There are also many resources are available which makes learning WordPress easy. Additionally framework of WordPress is flexible and can be customized almost infinity. Installation of some applications can offer you more function to the core of WordPress like social media, additions and rotating videos and much more. Some key features of WordPress.

  • W3C standard compliance
  • SEO friendly
  • Simple permalink structure
  • Wide ranges of themes and Plugins available
  • Visitor can leave comments on post and pages

Joomla-  Extensibility and ease of use made Joomla  one of the popular CMS. It is an enterprise content management system  and free open source framework for content management and publishing system. This is an ideal one for developing and designing multi language websites, online communities and ecommerce applications. Joomla enables you to clean up the URL of Drupal, image resizing, advertisement and content scheduling. Some key features of Joomla.

  • Website can be hosted by Window and Linux server.
  • Customizable template design
  • Support comments, polls and voting
  • Only registered users can access to private content

Drupal-  Drupal CMS is a  robust platform for managing the content. Its magnificent features  are ideal for building the internal and external sites. It is different from WordPress,  it will give you ultimate control over URL structure. It is an open source content management system,  used by a number of popular websites and famous companies as Sony Music and New York observer. Drupal is a  great site for blog and forum based projects. It is SEO friendly and Drupal CMS is a good option for control page title and meta tags.

  • Free and open source
  • Interlinking
  • Scalable
  • Support for multiple sites
  • Page caching features to load web page faster.

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