The Good, Bad And Ugly Web Design Trend In 2016

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Web design is all about creativity and innovation, where designing and development industry is growing at a rapid pace, the same new and exciting concepts, constantly introducing here. People whoever interested in fields like web design and online marketing, this means always keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry.

To create an innovative and unique web design, web design company adopts latest trend and cutting edge technology. However, 2016 is on so here we are sharing some good, bad and ugly web design trend. So lets start with the good one

The Good

Graphic Text: Look of the website definitely matters, looks of the website creates first impression on visitors and creative use of text that is comprised of images, texture and patterns is like icing on cake for website. Typography can’t be ignored, to design a creative website it is significant part of web design. But adding texts and other graphic element is now more important for the overall look of the site.

Centered Content: Centered content on Home page creates a dramatic effect, it places the main message of the page at the center of the screen in an effective manner. This layout works brilliantly on pages.

Split Content: Split content separates the content into wide sections. So the look of each different section can vary, this gives designer a huge space for creativity without threatening the clarity of content hierarchies.

The Bad

Too Long Scrolling: Too long scrolling may be beneficial for Facebook and mobile design, but some disadvantage associated here like unclear division of content into sections and heavily- animated scrolling effects.

Hidden Navigation: Hideen navigation is problem for website, it harms the usability of full sized website so it is mandatory to avoid the unnecessary complications. Due to the success of mobile design Hidden navigation compresses the entire menu into one icon.

Overlapping Element: It is mandatory that the design of the site should be clean, it should not overlap. Literally, a design in a haphazard manner like text on the image, which is placed on a shape and which is placed on an image creates illusion.

The ugly

App Overload- App overload is an ugly trend of the website design.Integration of third party tools to increase the functionality of the website is tempting but these tools were all designed separately by completely different people. If you add multiple apps per page, then an aesthetic conflict is inevitable.

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