Owner of WordPress And How Does It Make Money

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WordPress considered as best blogging website, either novice or professional blogger every one select this CMS ( content management system). Well, why everyone is after WordPress? Why people don’t go for other CMS like Expression Engine, Magento etc. By the way, you will get different answers from different people, but the best reason behind the selection of WordPress is that, you don’t need to pay a single penny for it. Well, from here one question automatically comes in mind that, “ How does WordPress makes money and who owns WordPress?” In the era of cutthroat inflation, it is a little difficult to think something can be 100% free. You are absolutely spot on, if some types of questions are running on your mind. So in this blog we will try to clear your concept so let’s try to find out the answer to this puzzle.

At the first stage we need to understand the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Literally, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two fundamentally different products and different owners, this often creates illusion among people.

WordPress.org is the Popular CMS, that you always hear and this is 100% free. With plugins and custom theme you can create any type of website in WordPress, basically this is the WordPress people talking about.

WordPress.com is powered by the open source WordPress software and own by the Automattic. Here registered can get hosting service for blog at free of cost eve it is financially supported by advertising.

Owner of the WordPress. org and the popular WordPress software

WordPress is licensed under GPL (general public license), this is open source software; this mean anyone can see the code and modify it for the betterment. So for better understanding about ownership first we need to understand the benefit of the GPL, literally GPL has two main advantages.

• This enables you to use the WordPress in any manner without any restrictions
• According to your wish, you can add or remove anything in WordPress.

De facto, the code base of the WordPress belongs to the common man, thousand of people contribute without any direct compensation.

Owner of WordPress.com

WordPress is owned by company Automattic. So from here we have to understand the history of WortdPress project, this will tell the contribution of Automattic and why they get valuable treatment like ability to use WordPress trademark and domain name WordPress.com

Automattic was started by Matt Mullenweg in 2005, after almost two years of the WordPress; who was co- founding developer of WordPress software. There is only one reason behind the Automattic, and that is to make the WordPress hosting easier and allow non technical people to start their own blog on WordPress.

On that time WordPress.com was powered by WordPress software, Automattic has vested interest in further development of free WordPress software. Since, open source project did not make money at initial stage, so in this scenario Matt registered the WordPress trademark with Automattic. With the passage of time the popularity of the WordPress grown at exponential rate, so to ensure the long term sustainability in 2010 Automattic donated the WordPress trademark to the WordPress foundation.
On that time period Matt Mullenweg serve the position of CEO of Automattic as well as board of WordPress foundation.

After history, lets discuss about the ownership of content on WordPress.com

You have to adhere all terms and condition, whenever you build a site on WordPress.com. You will get full control and ownership of content, apart from these, if you violate the term of services then someone else can shut down your site.

How does WordPress make money

Automattic sells WordPress related services like hosting, backup and sells advertise on your free site, this is the main source of income of Automattic. Since WordPress is a non profit organization so donation is the main source of revenue for WordPress.

Well, from here one question arises that, “ How does this apply to all users?”

Sine you are not directly paying for WordPress so you are paying indirectly. For instance, if you are using Blueshot, Shoutground and many other WordPress hosting company for hosting your website then somewhere you are indirectly paying for WordPress. Because all these companies regularly contribute back to WordPress.

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