Javascript Based WordPress- An Opportunity For The Developers

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“Calypso” is the simple interface of However, maximum CMS are based on PHP and from 2003 company and WordPress community are using PHP code. But, with the passage of time it had become a hindrance. The core team of changed the interface from MySQL and PHP to Javascript.

Calypso represents the biggest change to WordPress since its launch and this new interface has been received a mixed bag of responses. While seasoned and professional WordPress developers, already fluent in Javascript, welcome the fast, clean and responsive interface, others novice developers finding it far more complicated transition.

Javascript is different from PHP, it is more complicated than HTML or CSS. At the initial stage developers and core members of the WordPress engineering team were uncomfortable with the change. For some people, learning Javascript is a tedious and daunting task, but according to founder and CEO of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg says that JavaScript is the future of the web whether users are ready to use it or not. The new interface is lightweight and fast so the page loads instantaneously on desktop and mobile.

Features of Calypso interface-

1- Calypso is powerful and scalable platform than the old WordPress interface.
2- It is 100% open- sourced, so all the complications have great room for improvement and further iteration.
3- It has new editing features, thereby user can edit their sites from anywhere on any device and see their changes without having to refresh to their page.

Interesting part is that, Calypso is the future of WordPress whether you like it or not. It is challenging as well as exciting. If Web Development Company goes with old interface then it is okay, but they cannot compete with antiquated interface. Literally, the new interface is far better than old one. It offers plenty of features and possibilities, so from here we can say that javascript based WordPress is not complicating the things rather it is an opportunity for developers to learn this exciting change.

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