How To Detect Sneaky Mobile Redirect and Get Rid of This Problem

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If you are observing different content on different device, then it is OK. For instance, optimizing the smaller space of smart phone screen mean that some contents like Image have to be modified or you want to make your mobile browser faster and easier that’s why you want to store your website menu in navigation drawer. These types of user centric modifications are  well understood by Google when implemented properly.

Literally  process is similar to mobile redirecting which is used to improve the mobile experience of the user,  but if user violates the guidelines of webmaster and redirect towards the wrong content then it turns out bad. A number of cases have been reported where same URL opens the correct page on the desktop, but it goes wrong when same URL is opened through mobile.

In some cases, the webmaster knowingly implements redirection rule in mobile of users,  and there are some situations where site owners are not aware of this problem. This happens through two ways. First is through advertisement scheme and second is site may hacked. In the first case, a script that displays ads might also be redirecting the user and webmaster even don’t know about this and in the second case, if the website has been hacked, then the users can be redirected to malicious domains.

How To Detect Sneaky Mobile Redirect

  • In case of sneaky mobile redirect mobile user can visit  their site from Google results  with a smart phone. When debugging mobile emulation in desktop browser is handy. Even you can test for many different devices. Mozila firebox and safari are good option to detect sneaky redirect.
  • Listen to complaints of user carefully, because users can see your site in a  different way more than you do.
  • By looking some of the data on website,s analytical data you can detect unusual activity of mobile user. It would be better if you observe the average time spent by mobile user on your site, but if suddenly mobile user spent much less time than they used to so  in this scenario it might be an issue of mobile redirections.

How To Get Rid of  Sneaky Mobile Redirect

First of all make sure that your site is not hacked, the security issue tool will reveal information if the site has been hacked. If no hacking involved, then Google will suggest any third party installed on your site to see if they are causing redirects. Make sure you choose a transparent advertising scheme.

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