Evergreen Content- Long Term Success In The World of Internet Marketing

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Content is the king in the world of internet marketing, the success of the website or blog depends on the content. Evergreen content makes your website or blog stand out from the rest and increase your organic traffic. Now here is question that, “ What is the evergreen content and how to write the evergreen content.”

Characteristics of evergreen content– Without creating any confusion, we would like to put it simply and to the point.

  1. It is fresh, high quality, punchy and no expiration date.
  2. It is relevant, informative and well optimized for SEO.
  3. It is not restricted within 200- 300 words, rather it should enough comprehensive, thereby readers don’t have to read anything else on the topic.
  4. Even if you are unable to publish new content on a regular basis, still evergreen article can drive tons of traffic.

Examples of evergreen content– Especially, “ How to” type of articles are considered evergreen, because, this type of articles are always relevant, evergreen and provide step by step solution of your problem. For instance, “ How to increase will power” will always evergreen, and relevant whether you read it now or after 10 years.

Some other examples of evergreen content-

  1. Five natural ways to increase your height after 25 years of age.
  2. Control your anger, before it controls
  3. First night of the wedding- what to do & what not to do.

These types of blogs and articles are always evergreen, because the topics will continue to be relevant into the foreseeable future. Wikipedia, Wikihow and answers.com etc. are examples of evergreen sites.

Anything that does not fall on above category, will not consider as evergreen content. For easy understanding, we are also mentioning those points.

What evergreen content is not-

  1. News related articles are not considered as evergreen, because after a certain period of time that news will obsolete and outdated.
  2. Fashion and technology related articles are not considered evergreen, because with the passage of time these things become out of trend.
  3. Statistical data and case studies based on a particular time period will not consider as evergreen, because they are likely to change in future.

How to write evergreen content

Adopt simple and easy approach- Write comprehensive, informative and useful content, this is a simple and easy approach to write the evergreen content. Avoid too much experiment while writing, keep your sentence clear and to the point.

Avoid tough and complicated language- Use simple and easy language while writing the content, because high technical language is difficult for the beginners.

Don’t write too broad- If we leave the experts for a while, then beginners don’t like to read long and broad post. So it will be better to keep the article or blog concise. Here, concise does not mean that wind up the article or blog within 200 or 300 words, rather try to narrow your topic within 1000 to 1500 words.

Link to the relevant content- Link post together to narrow the broad topic. For instance, if you are doing a complete guidance on a topic like, “ How to lose extra pounds within two months” divide that broad topic into narrow, such as “ the diet plan” and “ 25+ healthy recipes to lose weight naturally” and link those articles together. This method is great for SEO, as well as for readers.

How evergreen content boost SEO and organic traffic?

An evergreen content is more than normal blog post and it continues to be useful and relevant in the eyes of Google, no matter when your audience reads it. Evergreen content brings millions of visitors to the site, people like it, share it in different social media platform and gives their love in the comment. And ultimately, when Google algorithm notice that content is gaining a lot of popularity, it ranks the content higher. In this way evergreen content boost SEO and organic traffic.

How to maintain evergreen content?

Evergreen content is always relevant and super hit, but with the passage of time there is the possibility to become less relevant, so in this scenario following steps will ensure that your content will remain evergreen.

  • Review the content and update it to reflect the new information.
  • Never change the article as a whole, doing so, may have a negative impact on its ranking. Make minor changes to fix any issue.

Conclusion- Indeed, writing evergreen content is not easy. It takes effort and time, but it is the only way to achieve good result without worrying about Google updates. It attracts more and more visitors to the website, boost SEO and website traffic. In short, evergreen content is the guarantee of success in the world of internet marketing.

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