ALT Tags – How It Can Hurt Your Business And What Does It Mean For Search Marketers

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At the first stage, people should know the difference between image all text and title, in this case many webmasters don’t find any difference between them. The difference between these two gives google webmaster a great topic of discussion.

Alternative information refers to Alt text, in simple word it is a source for those people who use disable images in their browser and user unable to see the images. Google also focuses on alt text when trying to understand, what an image is all about. While Image title should provide additional information and follow the rules of regular title, it should be relevant, short, catchy and concise.

I want to link Alt tags with recent incident when controversial fantasy sport sites like Fan drupel and Draftking was talk of town. The controversy stems from the uncanny similarities that fantasy sport. Which is legal, has to online poker, which is illegal. However, these sites have remained legal after plenty of criticism, but Nevada gaming declared that these sites constituted online unlicensed betting. The executive and PR teams at these companies Don’t given a single statement in all these matter, in fact their gesture was online betting. The Nevada attorney general cited as evidence something that he executive probably had no idea on their mind.

Little bit extra SEO effort decided to inset betting into image alt tags describing a particularly banner that was present all across the site. While the statement from the attorney general don’t offer an explanation of why this alt tag was used,they still use it as proof that Draftking is an online betting site.

What This Mean For Search Marketers

Even if an SEO page element does not seem that important. It is part of the page and visible to anyone who looks in the source code. If a product is prohibited from selling, it is probably a good idea to never put the keyword of that product on the site, even in something as mundane as an alt tag or useless as a meta keyword tag. Clearly there are people in law enforcement that know to look for these things and it will come back to haunt anyone that hides illicit keywords.

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