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Ok, Fellas, Below are my findings and understanding on WordPress upgraded features

I found some features that are pretty cool.

Paragraphs Drawback Rectified

Obviously as a blog writer, I always faced problem in inserting the word doc content into WordPress editing section. If You check the html part of the Edit section You can find many extra false code been added. This is something that always screwed my writing skills as You always need to manually backspace the paragraph to adjust gap between two paragraphs.

But this time, it is taken care and Paragraph adjustment problem is solved in WordPress version 3.9, really it is a big relief to me and to bloggers like me.

Better Image Resizing

Image Cropping is never been better before, in previous old version of WordPress we are not allowed to decide the image crop position. But in New WordPress 3.9 version You are allowed to decide the image crop size and position. You can insert the image and can crop the image within the editor itself no more opening “eidt window”

Improved Widget Feature

Customize function is so slick and easy that previous versions of WordPress lacked it. This improved WordPress Widgets functionality provides a better user-friendly side by side view functionality to manage other pages.

Even this feature was not available in previous version 3.8. This is just a very good news for both developers and users.

Pretty user- friendly to add and side-by-side view them in sidebar.

There are more than 200 changes in version 3.9 when compared to previous version 3.8. Features of PHPMailer, TinyMCE, Underscroce, Backbone and Masonry have been improved to give user a beautiful user-friendly utilization.

Much Better Audio/video Listing

This time WordPress 3.9 behind the scene guys taken care about our obstruction in listing of a audio and video file. Honestly, a very good improvement in visual editing feature. To some extend it can control the HTML 5 audio and video works too.

No need to fear about the audio and video files, they will be responsive in nature. Whatever the window size the audio and video file will compliant to that size of device’s screen.

Visually, there are changes in editor section. Now the fonts little bit bigger and few icons style also changed to give it a new professional look. As mentioned above a lot of changes been made which will definitely be suitable for both developers and designers.